Thongam Thoithoi (Mombi)

Actor Born on Friday, Feb 01, 1963 at Imphal

Thongam Thoithoi, alias Mombi is a multi-faceted Manipuri film actress, filled with lots of talents a person could possibly imagine. She is popularly known as “Mombi”, a role from one of her digital film titled “Phairenthagi Angaoba Leichil” Born on Feb 1, 1963, Thoithoi who had a great passion for Art & Acting began her acting career since her young age of 11 (eleven) years. She learnt the skill of Dance, Music and Drama under the Guru Shrimati Hanjabam Aruna Devi, Ningthem Pukhri Mapal, Imphal, Manipur at her institution “Raga Taranga Mandal”. Aruna was her first guru of her acting career. Under her guidelines, she got the first opportunity to act in a drama namely “Taragi Cheikhei” with the role of “Tharik” written by Khundongbam Brojendro Singh at Maharaja Garibaniwaj Memorial Club, Wangkhei Ningthem Pukhri Mapal, Imphal. She began her career in acting and theater arts before setting her foot in to film industry. She initially acted in proscenium theatre and radio plays which later on motivated her to be an actor in Cinemas. Thoithi is today highly acclaimed as a great comedian of the Manipur capturing thousands of hearts and adding laughter with her act as a comedian.
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Personal Details

Nick Name Mombi
Born Feb 01, 1963 (60 years)
Birth Place Imphal
Street / Home Changangei Ucheckon
Region Imphal Manipur India
Height (cm)
Star Sign

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