Sanagi Tangbal (2014)

2h 24m | Romance | Tue Apr 29 2014
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Lingjelthoibi is a hard working college student, who is brought up in a well-to-do family. Her life takes a sharp turn when she is kidnapped by a guy who is working for them. In spite of his irrational actions, she started feeling sympathy for his family. She stands for them. She begins to live in the poor family. She is allowed to continue her study. All the members of the family work hard to support the family and her study. Finally, she became a successful person. On the other hand, Lingjelthoibi's family (parental) falls because of her brothers' unfair means of livelihood. They are doing business of all kind which are popular from time to time. It includes drug and animal trafficking.
Star: Gokul Athokpam, Surjabala Hijam
Writer: Bordini , Bijgupta Laishram (Screenplay)
Director: Bijgupta Laishram
Language: Manipuri
Country of Origin: India (IN)
State / Province: Manipur
Genre: Romance
Adult: No
Type: Feature


Gokul Athokpam
Surjabala Hijam
Surjit Saikhom
Laingam, Lingjelthoibi's brother
Ingocha Yanglem
Superintendent of Police
Chakpram Rameshchandra
Nodiya - Lingjelthoibi's father
Shyamkishore Irom
Kunjo, Thoungamba's father
Kunjo's wife
R. K. Hemabati
High Court judge
Moirangthem Sunilkumar
Kaoba, Lingjelthoibi's brother
Wangjam Ratan
Subol, Lingjelthoibi's brother
Selheibam Ashok
Lingjelthoibi's brother
Thongam Thoithoi
Lingjelthoibi's mother
Home Minister, Lingjelthoibi's uncle
Wangkhem Lalitkumar
Thoungamba's local guardian
Oken Thoudam
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Runtime: 144 min
Aspect Ratio:

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Release Date: Tue Apr 29 2014
Release City: Imphal (IN)

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