Gokul Athokpam

Actor, Producer Born on Monday, May 06, 1974 at Imphal

Gokul Athokpam is an Indian actor who appears in Manipur films. He is a resident of Thangmeiband, Imphal, Manipur. In addition to films, he has also worked in theatres, and has acted in many Shumang Leelas, including Lidishigi Gulap, Nangna Luhongdringei and Lambidudei. In 2001, he got the title of ...
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Nick Name
Born May 06, 1974 (49 years)
Birth Place Imphal
Street / Home Thangmeiband
Region Imphal - Manipur - India
Height (cm) 179 (5 feet 9 inches)


2 Nominations, 0 Wins


Leading Actor [162]
All Cast [176]
Producer [1]
Writer [1]
Tayai (2009)
Other Crew [1]
Mathang Mapokta II: Eshworgee Khudol (2006)
dubbing - Sound Department

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