Nungshi Lottery Phaorehe (2021)
125 min - Drama, Romance
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Yairipok Thambalnu (1984)
NA - Drama, Romance
A lady who sacrificed her life to save the lives of people from the flood.
Who Said Boys Can't Wear Make Up (2018)
24 min - Short
Who Said Boys Can't Wear Make Up (Nupa Di Keba Yaade Kanana Haaibage) is an award winning educational film based on gender neutrality. The film is known for its unconventional topic that deals with gender fluidity and the stigma between boys and make up. The film also won MULTIMEDIA INFLUENCER AWARD 2018 at Lifestyle Young Influencer Awards in Mumbai. The film also features former India's Top Model Inder Bajwa, popular Indian Television Actress Nimrit Kaur Ahluwahlia, Bala Hijam, John Oinam, Miss Supranational India Peden Ongmu, Strela Thounaojam, Rajkumari Linthoisana and many others.
Stars: Priyakanta Laishram
Directors: Priyakanta Laishram
Satlo Leirang Satlo (2021)
95 min - Drama, Romance
Ehool (2019)
NA - Comedy, Drama, Romance
Larei Lathup (2021)
100 min - Drama, Family, Romance
Ingen Thagi Thanil (2022)
NA - Drama, Family, Romance
Dr. Hemogee Heloi (2013)
NA - Comedy, Drama, Romance
Stars: Somendro Rajkumar, Artina Thoudam
Directors: Homendro Waikhom
Wangma Wangma (1981)
NA -
Mami Sami (2008)
142 min - Crime, Drama, Romance
Jeanmei Lungh Reang (2021)
NA - Drama, Romance
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Wakchingi Len (2019)
80 min - Romance
Zehra (1999)
NA - Drama, Romance
Laal Nang Loikhinu (2019)
129 min - Drama, Family, Romance
Mera Thaomei (2014)
150 min - Drama, Family, Romance
Nungshi Keithel (2021)
106 min - Action, Crime, Drama
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Imagi Laman Singamdre (2010)
NA - Drama, Romance
Manipur Express (2012)
NA - Romance
Stars: Surjabala Hijam, Mahesh Thounaojam
Directors: Oinam Gautam
Awaiba Mapu (2021)
98 min - Drama, Romance
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Numit Tha (2022)
100 min - Drama, Family, Romance
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Oneness : The Movie (2022)
NA - Crime, Drama
In 2013, Ivan Martin, an 18-year-old Manipuri boy, was killed in an "honor killing" by his male family members after they found out he was gay. He was brutally killed and disposed of by his family because of his sexuality. ONENESS is based on the life story of Ivan Martin.
Atomba Ali Khan (2022)
NA - Drama
Nang Chellu Ei Tannarakke (2021)
120 min - Drama, Romance
Ta Tomba The Great (2005)
NA - Comedy, Drama, Romance
Ima Machet Icha Tangkhai (2021)
150 min - Drama, Family
Leirangi Leinam (2021)
NA - Action, Romance, Thriller
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Inspector Yohenba (2012)
NA - Action, Romance
Stars: Somendro Rajkumar, Devita Urikhinbam
Leikai Pakhang (2019)
80 min - Drama, Romance
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Nongju Ahing (2002)
121 min - Drama, Romance
Shajik Thaba (2015)
140 min - Romance