Nungshi Keithel (2021)
106 min - Action, Crime, Drama
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Who Said Boys Can't Wear Make Up (2018)
24 min - Short
Who Said Boys Can't Wear Make Up (Nupa Di Keba Yaade Kanana Haaibage) is an award winning educational film based on gender neutrality. The film is known for its unconventional topic that deals with gender fluidity and the stigma between boys and make up. The film also won MULTIMEDIA INFLUENCER AWARD 2018 at Lifestyle Young Influencer Awards in Mumbai. The film also features former India's Top Model Inder Bajwa, popular Indian Television Actress Nimrit Kaur Ahluwahlia, Bala Hijam, John Oinam, Miss Supranational India Peden Ongmu, Strela Thounaojam, Rajkumari Linthoisana and many others.
Stars: Priyakanta Laishram
Directors: Priyakanta Laishram
Kundorei (2013)
NA - Drama, Family, Romance
Kangla Karbar (2009)
NA - Comedy, Drama
Stars: Kamala Saikhom, Thokchom Joseph
Nongallamdaisida (2022)
117 min - Comedy, Drama
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Stars: Gurumayum Bonny, Biju Ningombam
Directors: Oinam Gautam
Writers: R.K. Imo
Satlo Leirang Satlo (2021)
95 min - Drama, Romance
Lamjasara (2012)
NA - Drama, Family, Romance
Stars: Gokul Athokpam, Surjabala Hijam
Directors: Laishram Prakash
Mami Sami (2008)
142 min - Crime, Drama, Romance
Mr. Mangal (2019)
80 min - Action, Drama, Romance
Ilisa Amagi Mahao (2008)
26 min - Drama, Family, Short
Leikai Pakhang (2019)
80 min - Drama, Romance
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Amamba Sayon (2013)
120 min - Horror, Romance, Thriller
Hundred of years ago, a girl Leima lost her lover Angou Laishram in a fight against some smugglers. She learned witchcraft from an unknown lady who saved her life to take revenge but couldn't find any suspects afterwards. So, she decided to bring Angou back from his second life by going to the future. By going to the year 2012 where Angou's second life is, she found out that Angou is known as Punciba Nepram and was already in love with his college mate Mary Golson. Later, she plan to kill Mary in case to take back Punciba by using black magic.
Ehool (2019)
NA - Comedy, Drama, Romance
Shajik Thaba (2015)
140 min - Romance
Lanfamda Ibeni (2012)
139 min - Crime, Drama, Family
An ill-fated lady fights for survival but uses illegal means by involving herself in drug business, steals gold and other precious jewelleries. But all the money and stuffs she stole are used for her children's education and welfare. After her children completes the education, she gets caught by a police team during her last consignment related to drugs, she didn't run away this time but accept her wrongdoings.
Dr. Hemogee Heloi (2013)
NA - Comedy, Drama, Romance
Stars: Somendro Rajkumar, Artina Thoudam
Directors: Homendro Waikhom
Korounganba (2014)
NA - Drama, Family, Romance
Stars: Sonia Elangbam, Gokul Athokpam
Directors: Ojitbabu Ningthoujam
Tillaikhombee (2010)
140 min - Action, Drama, Romance
Yaiphaba and Lemba become victims to the trap set up by ill-minded Keirenjao. He befriends politicians, police and militants to enable him to execute illegal works successfully. In sharp contrast, Memthoi (Keirenjao's daughter) loves Nungshiba (Yaiphaba's adopted son). With the passage of time, the rule of karma plays out and Keirenjao gets killed.
Awaiba Mapu (2021)
98 min - Drama, Romance
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Meichak (2000)
NA - Drama, Romance
Amuba Chandan (2001)
NA - Drama, Family
Nongju Ahing (2002)
121 min - Drama, Romance
Radha Rani (2006)
NA - Drama, Romance
Stars: Lairenjam Olendro, Somendro Rajkumar, Jolly Irungbam
Inspector Yohenba II Returns (2015)
NA - Action, Crime, Drama
Nungshi Lottery Phaorehe (2021)
125 min - Drama, Romance
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Chaphu (2019)
136 min - Horror, Thriller
Thanil tried to find whether the voodoo really exists or not. The homestead land of Thoiba was the cause to create enmity between Thoiba and his uncle. The uncle removed a cadaver of a baby that was entombed by putting it within a pitcher and casted the evil by practicing voodoo and caused a lot of trouble of which Thoiba's wife became insane. Thoiba who does not believe voodoo consulted physicians for treatment of his wife. The syndrome is relieved sometimes but it restarted again. Sometimes, fraud shaman swindled them to extort money from them. At last, in an effort to find the truth of the entity, Thanil tried to help the family of Thoiba to exercise the evil form Leihao. Within the trial of the three years, Thanil began to believe the art of voodoo with many strange incidents. Leihao was never relieved from the insanity and she went astray.
Hi Sweety Hello Preety (2004)
NA - Comedy, Family, Romance
Stars: Denny Likmabam, Jolly Irungbam, Ranita
Directors: Chand Heisnam
I am Special (2017)
48 min - Documentary, Short
I AM SPECIAL is a multiple award winning 2017 docu-fiction film based on the real life stories of six differently abled persons written, edited and directed by Priyakanta Laishram.
Stars: Priyakanta Laishram
Directors: Priyakanta Laishram
Leipaklei (2012)
75 min - Drama
The film Leipaklei tells the story of Leipaklei, a woman named after a Manipuri flower. Like the flower whose habitat is the hard ground, she is surrounded by hard trials and ironies of fate: separation from the one who loved and is still loved by her, abandonment by her husband, the trials of being a single parent, the violence of the gaze of men who sees her as fair game. Not unlike the flower Leipaklei, which hibernates beneath parched grounds - dreaming for a spring past, the protagonist dreams of the return of her beloved. He returns.
Taibang Keithel (2018)
94 min - Comedy, Drama
Ahanjao who comes to Imphal, the capital city of Manipur in search for a job. He got caught in a series of incidents which never thought to happen. He tries to find himself out of these entangled incidents.