Tamthiba Alias Nungshiba (2012)
NA - Action, Drama, Romance
Stars: Sonia Elangbam, Surjabala Hijam
Directors: Bimol Phibou
Mami Sami (2008)
142 min - Crime, Romance
Ehool (2019)
NA - Comedy, Drama, Romance
Leikai Pakhang (2019)
80 min - Drama, Romance
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Satlo Leirang Satlo (2021)
95 min - Drama, Romance
Keishamthong Thoibi (2008)
NA - Comedy, Drama, Romance
Stars: Lairenjam Olendro
Directors: Oinam Gautam
Larei Lathup (2021)
100 min - Drama, Family, Romance
Pandam Amada (2019)
98 min - Drama
In pursuit of his father’s wishes of getting good education in a reputed school after Class X, he was accidentally exposed to an unfavourable academic atmosphere as he falls into the group of bad company or friends.
Ningol Thajaba (2007)
NA - Drama, Family, Romance
Thamoina Thamoida (2019)
110 min - Drama, Romance
Yairipok Thambalnu (1984)
NA - Drama, Romance
A lady who sacrificed her life to save the lives of people from the flood.
Wakchingi Len (2019)
80 min - Romance
Kombeerei (1989)
NA - Drama, Romance
Shiki Ibobi (2019)
79 min - Action, Drama
Dharmagi Mingda Imagidamak (2009)
NA - Drama
Directors: Mayanglambam Romi Meitei
Dr. Hemogee Heloi (2013)
NA - Comedy, Drama, Romance
Stars: Somendro Rajkumar, Artina Thoudam
Directors: Homendro Waikhom
Eigee Salini Ma'am (2005)
NA - Romance
Mantri Dolansana (1993)
NA - Comedy, Drama
Stars: Huirem Seema, Sougrakpam Hemanta
Directors: Dinesh Tongbram
Mabung Ahumgi Machan (2022)
NA - Action, Drama
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Mr. Mangal (2019)
80 min - Action, Drama, Romance
Meitan Araba (2019)
128 min - Drama
Angaobasu Thamoi Palli (2007)
NA - Drama, Romance
When Sandya hears Suraj singing on Diwali, she admires and wants to meet (see) him but in vain. She mistakes the actual Suraj and his friends for local thugs. After she gets blinded by chemical accident caused by Suraj, Suraj starts doing all good things to her and she begins to be grateful at last but never to see him again.
Basantagee Nongallamdai (2006)
NA - Romance
Nangna Henna Nungsi (2017)
NA - Drama, Romance
Eidi Thamoi Pikhre (2015)
140 min - Drama, Family, Romance
Numit Tha (2022)
100 min - Drama, Family, Romance
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Nungshibee Takhellei (2011)
NA - Drama, Family
Stars: Maya Choudhury, Somendro Rajkumar
Directors: R. K. Amarjeet
Laal Nang Loikhinu (2019)
129 min - Drama, Family, Romance
Hi Sweety Hello Preety (2004)
NA - Comedy, Family, Romance
Stars: Denny Likmabam, Jolly Irungbam, Ranita
Directors: Chand Heisnam
Sheidangbi (2008)
NA - Drama, Family, Romance