Nungshi Lottery Phaorehe (2021)
125 min - Drama, Romance
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Ehool (2019)
NA - Comedy, Drama, Romance
Keishal Jail-Dugi Fadoksing (2015)
NA - Action, Biography
Ningthoukhongjam Bobo, a youth from Imphal who had spent more than four years of his prime in a Myanmarese jail, returned home after serving his term to the "shock and horror" of his family as it had already taken him to be dead and performed his last rites.
Pandam Amada (2019)
98 min - Drama
In pursuit of his father’s wishes of getting good education in a reputed school after Class X, he was accidentally exposed to an unfavourable academic atmosphere as he falls into the group of bad company or friends.
Awaiba Mapu (2021)
98 min - Drama, Romance
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Leikai Pakhang (2019)
80 min - Drama, Romance
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Mabung Ahumgi Machan (2022)
NA - Action, Drama
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Tharoi Ahambei Mahao (2021)
NA - Drama, Family, Romance
Satlo Leirang Satlo (2021)
95 min - Drama, Romance
Hi Sweety Hello Preety (2004)
NA - Comedy, Family, Romance
Stars: Denny Likmabam, Jolly Irungbam, Ranita
Directors: Chand Heisnam
Larei Lathup (2021)
100 min - Drama, Family, Romance
Nang Chellu Ei Tannarakke (2021)
120 min - Drama, Romance
Lukhak (2016)
NA - Drama, Romance
Stars: Sorri Senjam, Sonia Samjetsabam, Jemson Seijang
Wakchingi Len (2019)
80 min - Romance
Ingen Thagi Thanil (2022)
NA - Drama, Family, Romance
Mami Sami (2008)
142 min - Crime, Drama, Romance
Mr. Mangal (2019)
80 min - Action, Drama, Romance
Meitan Araba (2019)
128 min - Drama
Nongallamdaisida (2022)
117 min - Comedy, Drama
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Stars: Gurumayum Bonny, Biju Ningombam
Directors: Oinam Gautam
Writers: R.K. Imo
Luhongphan (2016)
NA - Action, Drama, Romance
Hiktharaba Samji: Pizza (2012)
175 min - Crime, Drama, Romance
Mangal (Kaiku) and Pizza (Artina) come from a poor family and fall in love. Pizza's friend Thoi instead hooks her up with a spoiled rich guy Ngamba who unbeknown to them is Mangal's neighbor. After Ngamba rapes Pizza, Mangal gets heartbroken and works hard as a retaliation to become an IAS officer.
Khamba Thoibi (1997)
NA - Drama, Romance
Akhunba Mani (2007)
NA - Romance
Chang Si Chang (2005)
NA - Comedy, Drama
Stars: Huirem Seema, Lairenjam Olendro
Enakta Leiringei (2017)
NA - Drama, Romance
Khaba and Thoinu met on their journey to Jiribam, and the series of events that followed during the journey changed their lives forever.
Thabaton III (2019)
90 min - Drama, Family, Romance
Shamjabee (2022)
100 min - Drama, Family, Romance
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Numit Tha (2022)
100 min - Drama, Family, Romance
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Yairipok Thambalnu (1984)
NA - Drama, Romance
A lady who sacrificed her life to save the lives of people from the flood.
Eidi Thamoi Pikhre (2015)
140 min - Drama, Family, Romance