Ei Actor Natte (2019)
120 min - Comedy, Drama
Rashilembi is an adopted daughter of Pamheiba. She is despised by his wife, Mani's mother. Rashilembi is compelled to leave her home after her foster mother plots against her. Mani becomes a lunatic t
Leikai Pakhang (2019)
80 min - Drama, Romance
Ehool (2019)
NA - Comedy, Drama, Romance
Mami Sami (2008)
142 min - Crime, Romance
Hidak Tombi (2018)
NA - Comedy, Romance, Science Fiction
Chanu IPS II (2019)
160 min - Family, Romance
Keishamthong Thoibi (2008)
NA - Comedy, Drama, Romance
Stars: Lairenjam Olendro
Directors: Oinam Gautam
Wakchingi Len (2019)
80 min - Romance
Leirangi Leinam (2021)
NA - Action, Romance, Thriller
Hiktharaba Samji: Pizza (2012)
NA - Crime, Drama, Romance
Oneness : The Movie (2022)
NA - Crime, Drama
Saklon Amada (2010)
NA -
Directors: Laimayum Surjakanta Sharma
Angaobasu Thamoi Palli (2007)
NA - Drama, Romance
Thamoina Thamoida (2019)
110 min - Drama, Romance
Tharoi Ahambei Mahao (2021)
NA - Drama, Family, Romance
Mandalay Mathel (2017)
NA - Romance
Nungshi Keithel (2021)
106 min - Action, Crime, Drama
Satlo Leirang Satlo (2021)
95 min - Drama, Romance
Dr. Yaima (2004)
NA - Comedy, Drama, Romance
Stars: Lairenjam Olendro, Binata Laishram
Directors: Homendro Waikhom
Jeanmei Lungh Reang (2021)
NA - Drama, Romance
Rongdaife (2021)
111 min - Action, Adventure, Drama
Rongdaife a tribal village was constantly engaged in battle with another village, Ching-Khai-bon. The bitter taste of defeat and its consequences fell on the village women of Rongdaife who were taken
Ima Machet Icha Tangkhai (2021)
150 min - Drama, Family
Nang Chellu Ei Tannarakke (2021)
120 min - Drama, Romance
Lumfoo Tomba (2013)
NA - Drama, Romance
Stars: Gokul Athokpam, Sushmita Mangsatabam
Directors: Bimol Phibou
Taibang Keithel (2018)
94 min - Comedy, Drama
Ahanjao who comes to Imphal, the capital city of Manipur in search for a job. He got caught in a series of incidents which never thought to happen. He tries to find himself out of these entangled inci
Larei Lathup (2021)
100 min - Drama, Family, Romance
Enakta Leiringei (2017)
NA - Drama, Romance
Khaba and Thoinu met on their journey to Jiribam, and the series of events that followed during the journey changed their lives forever.
15 August (2020)
78 min - Action, Romance
Nongju Ahing (2002)
121 min - Drama, Romance
Mutlamdai Thaomei (2019)
100 min - Drama, Family, Romance