Cannot login
Please make sure you are using the correct username and password. If you forgot your username or password, you can reset in the forgot password link in the login page. Enter your registered email address and request a link. We will send a password reset link along with your username in your email. Follow the instructions in email.
How to change my username?
Go to Manage link under you account name in the menu bar. You can set your desired username in the manage account page.
Created a contribution but not shown
Your contribution will only in public after our editors reviewd and approved. It will not shown if it is rejected. You may get an email about your contribution after a review process.
Images does not have caption and description
You can update details of an image on the edit details page. Click on the link icon on the photo in gallery and you will find a link Edit Details in the redirected page.
Change title and description of a video
You can update details of a video on the edit details page but you cannot edit those details for a video of other sources such as youtube, vimeo etc. Click on the link icon on the video in gallery and you will find a link Edit Details in the redirected page.
How to delete a content?
You cannot delete a content once it is added. Please read our guides about contributing data and report content.
How to delete a credit of a movie?
Credit consist of pricipal, cast and crew and company. You cannot delete a credit once it is added. If you need to delete a credit you have to contact us and provide the movie and credit information, our editor will review about that matter. So you need to be sure the credit is correct before adding.