Thabaton III (2019)

1h 30m ·DramaFamilyRomance · Sun Oct 20 2019
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Language: Manipuri
Country of Origin: India (IN)
State / Province: Manipur
Genre: Drama, Family, Romance
Adult: No
Type: Feature



When Thaba's second husband passes away, her son and daughter have grown up, and her daughter has since gone on to become a doctor, the third part starts. Thaba is currently employed by the department of education, where she is regularly confronted with the director, who has a very filthy and intimate gaze towards her. The daughter of Yaima and Nungshithoi is the same age as Thaba's son. They had no idea that the son of Thaba and the daughter of Yaima and Nungshithoi were dating. Thaba and Yaima were brought together by an occurrence, and it was then that they discovered the relationship between their children. Given their past, Thaba and Yaima were both adamantly opposed to their children getting together. Even though Yaima objected, Nungshithoi and her mother supported the two youngsters when they rebelled. Yaima's mother learned that the doctor is actually their grandchild from Yaima and Thaba's first marriage after Yaima's father was admitted to the hospital where Thaba's daughter worked as a doctor. This caused friction between the two families, which was quickly resolved when Yaima's mother again apologised for her behaviour. When Thaba's director suspended her, she exacted revenge on the director by using the help of her son to reinstate the suspension. She even received a promotion to the title of director after disclosing the director's wrongdoings. The director of Thaba and his men were enraged and attempted to harm Thaba and her familly. In the past, there have been unresolved clashes and arguments between the director's men and Thaba's son regarding Yaima and Nungshithoi's daughter. The boyfriend of Thaba's daughter stabbed one of the men during the fight. However, Thaba's son wanted to bear the blame for the killing and persuaded his sister and her boyfriend to flee. Police detained Thaba's son.

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Runtime: 90 min
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Release Date: Sun Oct 20 2019
Release In: India

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