Sonia Elangbam (Abenao)

Actor Born on Sunday, Sep 28, 1986 at Imphal

Sonia Elangbam, known by the stage name Abenao Elangbam is an Indian actress working in Manipuri cinema. She has displayed her versatility in acting by taking various roles in Manipuri films. The beginning of her career in films are marked by movies like Cheinakhol, Thoiba Thoibi, Naoshum and Akhunba Mani. She completed her Master in Adult Education from Manipur University. Before coming into films, she has acted in some theatrical plays under People's Arts and Dramatic Association, Imphal. Her first film is Chingjaogum Lepliba Thamoi, where she is playing a supporting role. She is most popularly known for her role of Naobi in Thoiba Thoibi. Among her popular films were Thoiba Thoibi, Akhunba Mani, Thokkidagi Kishi, Nobap, Ekhenglaktagi Red Rose, Chumthang Makhong, Bema Bema, Liklaai, Leikang Thambal, Tabunungda Akaiba Likli, Western Sankirtan, Phijigee Mani and Waikhu. Elangbam was awarded the Best Actress in a Leading Role for her role in the film Pabunggi Cycle at the 2nd SSS MANIFA 2013. She was also awarded the Best Actress in a Leading Role for the film Tabunungda Akaiba Likli at the 3rd SSS MANIFA 2014. She was also honoured with Th. Ashokumar Memorial Award in Arts and Culture at the 10th Foundation Day of USU, Khurai.
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Personal Details

Nick Name Abenao
Born Sep 28, 1986 (37 years)
Birth Place Imphal
Street / Home Imphal DC Road Top Khongnang Makhong
Region Imphal Manipur India
Height (cm) 159 (5 feet 2 inches)
Star Sign

Known for title

Nangbu Ngairambane
Best Supporting Actor (Female)


1 Nominations, 1 Wins


Leading Actor [80]
Nobap (2009)
All Cast [95]

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