Sonia Elangbam (Abenao)

Actor Born on Sunday, Sep 28, 1986 at Imphal

Sonia Elangbam, known by the stage name Abenao Elangbam is an Indian actress working in Manipuri cinema. She has displayed her versatility in acting by taking various roles in Manipuri films. The beginning of her career in films are marked by movies like Cheinakhol, Thoiba Thoibi, Naoshum and Akhunb...
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Nick Name Abenao
Born Sep 28, 1986 (36 years)
Birth Place Imphal
Street / Home Imphal DC Road Top Khongnang Makhong
Region Imphal - Manipur - India
Height (cm) 159 (5 feet 2 inches)
Leading Actor [79]
Nobap (2009)
All Cast [94]

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