Iche Tampha (2017)

2h 19m ·Romance · Sun Mar 05 2017
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“Iche Tampha” is a poignant tale of Tampha, a woman oppressed by her stepmother but cherished by her father. Her love for Leimahan’s son faces opposition from his mother. Tragedy strikes when they elope and he’s hospitalized after an accident. Forced into a loveless marriage and motherhood, Tampha is abandoned and struggles to survive in Assam. She faces further danger but fights back, seeking refuge under a tree. Her resilience shines as she navigates hardship, protecting her child and herself against all odds.
Star: Leishangthem Tonthoingambi, Gokul Athokpam, Surjabala Hijam, Reddy Yumnam
Writer: Bijgupta Laishram (Story & Screenplay)
Director: Bijgupta Laishram
Language: Manipuri
Country of Origin: India (IN)
State / Province: Manipur
Genre: Romance
Adult: No
Type: Feature



The story revolves around a lady Tampha (Tonthoi) who is continuously harassed by her step-mother (Dhanamanjuri). Her father (Ghanashyam) is totally against his step-wife's nature. She is in a relationship with Leimahan's son (Gokul), but Leimahan (R.K. Hemabati) doesn't want Tampha to be her daughter-in-law. Tampha shares a very strong bond with her brother Sanathoi, her step-mother's son. Santhoi's mother send him to Delhi for further studies. Meanwhile, despite Leimahan's wishes, her son learned that Tampha is pregnant, so they decide to elope. On the same day, they meet with an accident where Leimahan's son is severely injured and is hospitalised. Leimahan comes to Tampha's place and warns Tampha's step-mother to not let Tampha try to meet his son and forget about him. During this time, Tampha's step-mother plans for Tampha's marriage to a Meitei guy (Mangoljao) living in Assam, who recently got divorced from his first wife. Tampha's step-mother also comes to know about Tampha's pregnancy and repeatedly asks her to abort the child before marriage, to which Tampha denies. She tries meeting Leimahan's son but was not allowed. She writes a message to Leimahan's son informing him about what all is happening, but he happens to read the message only when he was discharged from the hospital. At that time, Tampha is already married to the guy in Assam. In no time, the guy and his sister come to know about Tampha's pregnancy, and starts treating her like a servant. As soon as Tampha give birth to a baby boy, she is thrown out of the house. In Manipur, at this time, Tampha's father passed away. Since then, Tampha starts working in random places in Assam, joins as worker in house-building and stays at a place where the other female Assamese workers are staying, with her child. One night, after coming back from work, some Assamese guys tries to kidnap her, to which she fights and run, finding shelter in some stranger's house. The stranger also tries to rape her, to which she runs out of the place and ends up sleeping under a tree, near some railway track. Next morning, she returns to the place where she was staying. One woman there suggests her to transform herself to look ugly, so that guys won't get attracted. She then starts taking up odd jobs, like selling burnt maizes in footpaths and collecting money from passengers by cleaning floors of trains. She finds life very hard to survive, so decides to leave Assam and go back to Manipur. The film then shows Tampha's brother (Redy) grown-up fully and returning from Delhi after completing his studies. He is not maintaining healthy relationship with his mother, after he learns about his sister's disappearance after she got married and also filed a case against the guy from Assam and his sister. He is also in a relationship with Thadoi (Bala) at that time. He gives MPSC examination, to which he successfully cleared and becomes an MCS officer. Leimahan's son doesn't get married at all, longing for Tampha and in the hope that Tampha will return and come back to him one day. Tampha is settled at this time in a village of Manipur, where she stays with his son at some old guy's house. Apparently, the old guy plans to sell his house and live at his married daughter's place since he is getting old and has no one to take care of him. So, Tampha and her son move to Imphal. After becoming MCS officer, Sanathoi and his mother leave their home and move to the quarter given by the government. One day, they happen to face water shortage problem in the quarter. So, Sanathoi's mother decides to call the lady who supplies water through her neighbour. The lady comes to supply water, which happens to be Tampha. Tampha, as soon as she recognises that the lady ordering water is her step-mother, runs away leaving everything. Sanathoi and his mother, after realizing that the lady is Tampha, chase her and ask her to forgive for whatever Sanathoi's mother has done. She is taken to their quarter. Sanathoi calls Leimahan's son and informs about Tampha. The film ends with Leimahan's son taking Tampha and their son home.


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