Gurumayum Bonny


Gurumayum Bonny is an Indian actor and singer who predominantly appears in Manipuri films. He is a resident of Keishamthong Maning Longjam Leikai, Imphal, Manipur. He has also worked in Shumang Leelas including Kunti series, Nongallamdaisida, Opium War, and Pizza. Bonny had tried many jobs before coming into the world of performing arts. In 1994-95, he joined Bashikhong Dramatic Union. Later, he was a theatre artist for around ten years in Panthoibi Natya Mandir. Before coming into films, he had already acted in Shumang Leelas. Aruba Eechel, Amamba Lambee, Kunti 6 (Mihatpung), Nongallamdaishida, Yeningthana Ngairi, Opium War and Pizza are his famous Shumang Leelas. Both his parents were also theatre artist in the Manipur Dramatic Union (MDU). His first film is Lanmei Thanbi where he played a villain role, alongside Kaiku Rajkumar and Abenao Elangbam. He is best known for his role as Yo Sanatombi in the film Yaiskulgee Pakhang Angaoba. Other famous films of Bonny are Nungshibase Phagi Natte, VDF Thasana, Beragee Bomb, Chow Chow Momo na haobara Shingju Bora na oinambara, Yaiphare Yaiphare, Amamba Sayon, Western Sankirtan, Delhi Mellei and Mr. Khadang. In the movie Ningtha, he played a differently abled guy. He played double roles in the film Chow Chow Momo na haobara Shingju Bora na oinambara. In Producer Director, he was given the role of a film maker named Tomthin Cameroon. He portrayed the role of a mentally different guy in Tamoyaigee Ebecha. VDF Thasana is a movie of his own home production. He is well known for his unique acting skills and humour in Manipuri films.
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Personal Details

Nick Name / Other Name
Birth Place Imphal
Street / Home Imphal
Region Imphal Manipur India

Known For

Best Music Video
VDF Thasana
Best Male Playback Singer


2 Nominations, 2 Wins


Leading Actor [81]
All Cast [117]
Director [1]
Other Crew [1]
VDF Thasana (2014)
playback singer - Music Department

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