Hingbagee Mahao (2015)

2h 28m ·DramaFamily · Wed Apr 29 2015
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Language: Manipuri
Country of Origin: India (IN)
State / Province: Manipur
Genre: Drama, Family
Adult: No
Type: Feature



The film tells the story of Mangoljao's family who dwell in the floating phumdis of the Loktak lake. After Mangoljao's death, Ningol and her three sons shift to Imphal in search of a livelihood, since their only house is declared by the government as being illegally occupied. The eldest of the three, Achouba, sacrifices his youth and all the worldly pleasures so that he can earn enough for the sustenance of the family. But the younger brothers, Yaima and Atomba loosen themselves from Ningol and Achouba after they get married. When they come to know from Linthoi about their eldest brother's hardships, sufferings and sacrifices and the resultant ailment borne by Achouba, they come back begging for forgiveness. They finally understand the real taste of living.

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Runtime: 148 min
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Release Date: Wed Apr 29 2015
Release In: India

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6 Nominations, 6 Wins



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