Nongmatang (2014)

1h 19m | Drama, Family, Romance
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Mangang Leima of Mayang Imphal Thana Leikai, a student of Khuman Maheikon reading in standard ten, happened to be near a shop where a bomb was hurled by miscreants and she quickly picked up the bomb and threw it out. She saved several people’s lives by her courageous act. So she was given a bravery award
Star: Somendro Rajkumar, Prity Maibam
Writer: Ajit Yumnam (Story & Screenplay)
Director: Suvas E.
Language: Manipuri
Country of Origin: India (IN)
State / Province: Manipur
Genre: Drama, Family, Romance
Adult: No
Type: Feature

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Runtime: 79 min
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4 Nominations, 4 Wins


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