Lairenjam Olendro (Olen)


Lairenjam Olen is an Indian actor who predominantly appears in Manipur films. He is a resident of Shangakpham, Chingmeirong, Imphal, Manipur. He started as a Theatre Artist and was a member of Orient Drama Union, Imphal. His famous films include Dr. Yaima, Mittrang Keithel, Khongchat series, Radha-Rani, Lallashi Pal and Mr. Lakhipyari. In 2017, he contested and won the 5th Zilla Parishad Panchayat election as a candidate of the Heingang Constituency. Olen received the Best Male Actor Award for the years 2005-2007 given by Film Academy Manipur for his role in the film Nungshi Hekta Hairage. He is also the recipient of the Best Actor Award at the Festival of Manipur Cinema 2007 organised by Film Forum Manipur for his role of Amar in the film Lakhipurgi Lakhipyari.
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Personal Details

Nick Name / Other Name Olen
Birth Place Imphal
Street / Home Shangakpham Chingmeirong
Region Imphal Manipur India
Leading Actor [87]
All Cast [96]
Writer [5]
Khongchat IV (2002)
Story & Screenplay
Khongchat III (2001)
Story and Screenplay
Khongchat II (2000)
Story & Screenplay
Other Crew [2]
Bajigee Phiroi Numitta (2017)
singer - Music Department
Highway - 39 (2012)
singer - Music Department

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