Sonia Hijam


Sonia Hijam is a talented actress from Manipur, known for her roles in Meitei language films. She has been part of various productions that highlight her versatility and commitment to the craft of acting.

One of her notable performances was in the film “Kum Kang Kum Kabi Chang (2015)” , directed by Bishwamittra and produced by S. Minakumari. The film, which also starred Gurumayum Bonny, Leishangthem Rahul, and Bala Hijam, was released at the Manipur State Film Development Society in Imphal. Sonia played the character of Thambal, contributing to the film’s exploration of the life of a poet and the impact of his passion on his family and life.

Additionally, Sonia Hijam starred in “Tillaikhombee (2010)” , a film directed by Khwairakpam Bishwamittra that delves into themes of love, hatred, corruption, and revenge. Her role as Memthoi, the daughter of a character caught up in a web of illegal activities, showcased her ability to portray complex emotions and relationships.

Sonia’s contributions to the Manipuri film industry have not only entertained audiences but also enriched the cultural narrative of the region. Her dedication to her roles and the authenticity she brings to her characters make her a respected figure in the world of regional cinema. Sonia Hijam continues to be an influential presence in Manipuri films, leaving a lasting impression with each performance.

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Personal Details

Nick Name / Other Name
Birth Place Porompat Kongpal Khaidem Leikai, Imphal
Street / Home Porompat Kongpal Khaidem Leikai
Region Imphal Manipur India


1 Nominations, 0 Wins


Leading Actor
Faibok (2018) - Film
Imoinu (2015) - Film
Rumal (2014) - Film
Taat (2011) - Film
All Cast
Faibok (2018) - Film
Rumal (2014) - Film
Taat (2011) - Film


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