Sushmita Mangsatabam

Actor, Singer, Song Writer, Composer Born on Friday, Dec 08, 1995 at Imphal

Sushmita Mangsatabam is an Indian actress and singer who predominantly appears in Meitei films. She is a resident of Luwangsangbam Awang Leikai, Manipur. She completed her schooling from North Point Higher Secondary School. She started singing at the age of thirteen, when she was in VIII standard. She is the only person in her family to take up singing and acting as profession. Before coming into films, she began shaping her career in singing. Noklunu Minokto Atoppa Kanada, Ningjaba Mana Nungshiba Mana, Leiraroidara Khallui Taibangsida, Ningthou Machasu Kallakte are some of her famous songs. Later, she started acting with the strong support from her mother. Her first film is Chahi Taramari. But, she is more better known and became popular with Thaba’s role in Bijgupta Laishram’s 2013 hit Thabaton. After this, she has done a number of films. Among her popular films, Lumfoo Tomba, Amukta Ani, Chow Chow Momo na haobara Shingju Bora na oinambara, Haidokpa Yade, Thabaton 2, Angangba Mayek (Pizza 2) may be mentioned.
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Personal Details

Nick Name / Other Name
Born Dec 08, 1995 (28 years)
Birth Place Imphal
Street / Home Luwangsangbam Awang Leikai
Region Imphal Manipur India
Height (cm) 168 (5 feet 5 inches)
Star Sign
Hobby Singing

Known For

Khutsha Ani
Best Playback Singer (Female)


1 Nominations, 1 Wins


Leading Actor [39]
All Cast [41]
Other Crew [10]
Khutsha Ani II (2021)
singer - Music Department
Aronba Wari (2020)
Playback singer - Music Department
Nang Gee Khongthang (2020)
singer - Music Department
Chingda Satpi Engellei (2018)
singer - Music Department
Tomthin (2018)
playback singer - Music Department
Wakching Thagee Sanarei (2018)
singer - Music Department
Khutsha Ani (2017)
singer (Thabum Kaya Lamlak A) - Music Department
Eikhoi Pabunggi (2016)
Playback Singer - Music Department
Mera Thaomei (2014)
playback singer - Music Department
Singareigee Leinam (2014)
singer - Music Department

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