Samkhok (2023)

ActionHorrorThriller · Sat Sep 09 2023
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Inspired by the true events, Samkhok celebrates the richness of the culture and tradition of the Tangkhul Nagas before the onset of Christianity. With every minute detail well-documented, Samkhok is an aide-mémoire of a unique indigenous way of life with a touch of the fragile human emotions of love and loss.
Writer: Kahorrei AC
Director: AC Rinshing
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Language: Tangkhul
Country of Origin: India (IN)
State / Province: Manipur
Genre: Action, Horror, Thriller
Adult: No
Type: Feature


Samkhok is set in Ringui Village. It centers on a clan chief’s family preparing the Feast of Merit (Maran Kasa) and the chief’s quest for vengeance after his son’s death. The film explores family bonds, land ownership complexities, community customs, rituals, and their deep connection with nature. The movie is packed with lot of actions.

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Release Date: Sat Sep 09 2023
Release In: India


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