Dinesh Ningthoujam (Silheiba)


Actor - Imphal, India


Born Imphal
Region Imphal - Manipur - India
Silheiba, also known as Dinesh Ningthoujam, is a talented Manipuri actor who has made significant contributions to the regional film industry. His journey in cinema began with his first-ever film, “Punshi Chuppa Nangse Eigini,” released in 2011. This debut marked the start of a promising career that would see him become a beloved figure in Manipuri cinema. His performances have not only entertained audiences but have also earned him critical acclaim. In 2018, Silheiba was honored with the ‘Best Actor’ award at the SSS Manifa, showcasing his skill and dedication to his craft. Silheiba’s evolution as an actor is well-documented, with various sources highlighting his background, family, and career achievements. His work continues to inspire and resonate with many, making him a respected name in the world of acting.

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