Ethoi Oinam

Actor, Model

Ethoi Oinam is an Indian film actress and model who predominantly appears in Manipuri language films of Imphal, Manipur. She is the daughter of renowned film director and comedian Oinam Sanou. She started her film acting career as a child artist right from her school days. At the age of 9, she debuted as the leading child artist in Priyakanta Laishram's children film Chan-Thoibi (2009). She is best known for her films including Eikhoi Pabunggi (2016), It's Not My Choice (2015), Spaced Out - Panthung Di Kadaaida (2021), Amukta Ani (2014), Nungshi Feijei (2015), Henna Nungaijei (2015), Tharoi Ahambagi Mahao (2021) and others.

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Personal Details

Nick Name / Other Name
Birth Place Imphal
Street / Home Pishumthong Oinam Leikai
Region Imphal Manipur India

Known For

Nongmei Paiba Rapist
Best Actor (Female)
Tharoi Ahambei Mahao
Best Actor (Female)


2 Nominations, 2 Wins


Leading Actor
Hoo Sangom (2022) - Feature
Mei Eeshing (2022) - Feature
Eya Yai (2018) - Feature
Sarou (2018) - Feature
ABC Zero (2016) - Feature
It's Not My Choice (2015) - Non Feature
Ayeengbi (Sanathoi's friend)
All Cast
Hoo Sangom (2022) - Feature
Mei Eeshing (2022) - Feature
Lairembi (2021) - Feature
Eya Yai (2018) - Feature
Maram Chanu (2018) - Feature
Sanagi Nga (2018) - Feature
Sarou (2018) - Feature
ABC Zero (2016) - Feature
Ngairi (2016) - Feature
Da Lem (2015) - Feature
Chan-Thoibi (2009) - Non Feature
Churanthaba (2002) - Feature


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