Operation Sangai (2001)

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Language: Manipur
Country of Origin: India (IN)
State / Province: Manipur
Adult: No
Type: Feature


There is an encounter between underground eleents and the police. Baby Echal's parents are killed in the crossfire. One of the undergrounds, Deven adopts the child. As she grows up, Echal calls Deven as 'Kaka'. Echal helps Kaka in all his activities. There is a spate of gangster groups indulging in anti-social activities. Deven organises a team to counter the gangsters. The operation is code-named 'Operation Purnima'. Operation Purnima successfully deals with the anti­socials. They wipe out the Chakla group. But, then, corruption also eats into the fabric of the do­gooders. A dissatisfied member turns turtle and becomes an informer of the police. In the follow-up police operation, 'Sir' Baby and Echal are captured and killed. Before they die, the two manage to kill the informer. The army Captain who leads the combined police-army operation, saluted the dead bodies of the two girls as a respect of their bravery.

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