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Adding TV Episode

How to add a TV Episode?
Eligibility of a TV episode to add in database

How to add a TV Episode?

Adding a TV episode is different from adding a movie. Do not try to create movie for every episodes of a TV or Series. Once the TV show is added then you can add TV episodes as child to the parent movie. There will be  a separate form for adding TV episode.

Go to the TV page of your title. You will find a link 'Edit this tv' below the cover picture of the TV Show. Click on the link and the page will redirect to edit TV overview page and you will find all add and edits applicable to the TV or Series.

Don't use part 1, 2, 3 ... in episode name. Use only if the episode or part has specific name or you can leave it blank. If the TV has no season then fill it with zero (0).

Eligibility of a TV episode to add in database

In the form for adding a TV episode, there will be below fields. An episode must fulfill all the below attributes.

  • Season number
  • Episode number
  • Episode name
  • Overview
  • Air date
  • Runtime

You can leave episode name and runtime but all other fields are compulsory and you can edit later. Please note that you have to enter only the data you have known true. The form will also indicate the required ones.