Chaphu (2019)

136 min | Horror, Thriller | Sun Oct 27 2019
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Language: Manipuri
Country of Origin: India (IN)
State / Province: Manipur
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Adult: No
Type: Feature


Different groups of people have their ethnic culture, rituals and beliefs. The art of witch craft and voodoo has long been associating with the human since time immemorial. Even as the advancement of science is at its height, these phenomenons of voodoo are not able to be wiped out rather than saying that it is a form of superstition. Till today, many are practising the art of witch craft. There are many yarns that have been continuing in oral form from generation to generation, which many believe to be true. It is not that there are many who do not believe in this matter. Believing these crafts remain within one as such may be decided to be true or not when it happens personally to one. Thanil tried to find whether the voodoo really exists ot not. The homestead land of Thoiba was the cause to create enmity between Thoiba and his uncle. The uncle removed a cadaver of a baby that was entombed by putting it within a pitcher and casted the evil by practicing voodoo and caused a lot of trouble of which Thoiba's wife became insane. Thoiba who does not believe voodoo consulted physicians for treatment of his wife. The syndrome is relieved sometimes but it restarted again. Sometimes, fraud shaman swindled them to extort money from them. At last, in an effort to find the truth of the entity, Thanil tried to help the family of Thoiba to exercise the evil form Leihao. Within the trial of the three years, Thanil began to believe the art of voodoo with many strange incidents. Leihao was never relieved from the insanity and she went astray.

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Runtime: 136 min
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Release Date: Sun Oct 27 2019
Release City: Imphal (IN)


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