Language: Manipuri
Country of Origin: India (IN)
State / Province: Manipur
Genre: Drama
Adult: No
Type: Feature


Art is the only life for artistes. Artistes are real. They can not be imitated. But inborn artistes are not the only artistes. Artistes can be moulded through hard practice and effort. Thoiba came from a village and took a rented house in Imphal for study. He was struck by the charming face of Merna, a neighbouring girl of the rented house. But, the girl has a condition that her fiancee should be a famous singer. Thoiba pretends to be a singer and convinced Merna. When the truth is revealed, he got a big slap on the face and it was a turning point in his life. He started learning the art of music through a reputed Guru and becomes a well-known singer. By then, Merna felt ill from a serious disease and death knocks at her door. The daughter of the landlord master was dumb. She was madly in love with Thoiba. But after the death of Merna, Thoiba returned to his village.

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Runtime: 135 min
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Production Company: Bright Films


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