Thawanmichaakna Kenkhrabada (2002)

2h 40m | Drama, Romance | Thu Apr 25 2002
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Jiten, son of a rich businessman Biren in love with Meera, disabled singer when he visits his home state during his vacation. They get married, but when Jiten returns to Pune to complete his studies, Meera returns to her own home, being unable to bear the ill-treatment by her in-laws, which cause the death of her one and only grandmother. Meera then survives as a music teacher. Bira and his wife only understand lately that disability is a glorious gift of God only when their daughter Sandhya met with an accident.
Star: R. K. Amarjeet, Huirem Seema
Writer: Laimayum Dhanachandra Sharma (Screenplay)
Director: Ksh. Kishore Kumar
Language: Manipuri
Country of Origin: India (IN)
State / Province: Manipur
Genre: Drama, Romance
Adult: No
Type: Feature


The son of businessman Bira, Jiten is entangled in love with a disabled singer Meera, in one of his vacations from his study in Pune. Made for each other, they cross all the hindrances of Jiten's parents and the society. After marriage of the two, Jiten has gone for completion of his study. Meera cannot bear anymore in her in-laws' house. She returns to her parental home. Helped by her music-guru, Meera survives somehow as a music-instructor. But to Meera, she is very much far away from Jiten. Meera soon gets ill with a serious disease. Their only daughter, Sandhya, meets with an accident and she becomes a disabled girl. When Jiten returns after completing his studies, he finds Meera nowhere in his home. Jiten's silent questions are answered only with the tears of his parents. After a long search, Jiten finds Meera. But she agrees to come to Imphal only for a musical nite. On the day of the musical nite, while singing, the star falls. Is there somebody with a helping hand for the future?

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Runtime: 160 min
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Release Info

Release Date: Thu Apr 25 2002
Release City: Imphal (IN)

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Production Company: Bright Films


1 Nominations, 0 Wins


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