Siroy Lily (2001)

2h 30m Drama, Family
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Language: English
Country of Origin: India (IN)
State / Province: Manipur
Genre: Drama, Family
Adult: No
Type: Feature


Diya Khwairakpam
Diya Khwairakpam

Huirem Seema
Huirem Seema

S Geeta
S Geeta

R. K. Amarjeet
R. K. Amarjeet

All Cast & Crew


Lily (Seema) who was born at Siroy hill, lost her mother at a young age. Her father (Manisana) came down to live in the valley. He married again. Lily's stepmother did not treat her well. Lily decided to commit suicide. On her way, she met Suresh (Diya) who saved her life with the prospects of a new life. Lily and Suresh admired each other, but fate separated them for a long time. Lily went to study medicine while Suresh went to study engineering. Suresh got married to Rita. She however died during child birth. Suresh was mourning over the dead body of Rita when doctor Lily came in suddenly. The old friends met again in overwhelming circumstances. Suresh married again to Melei (Gaitry) at the influence of Subol (Keshor) the contractor. One day, Lily came to meet Suresh with hopes in her heart but she went back in despair when she saw Suresh and Melei together in a tender moment. Doctor Ranjan (Amarjeet) loved Lily but she treated him like a friend only. Subol and Melei conspired to kill Suresh's children born by Rita. Meena (Geeta) the elder daughter of Suresh overheard their conversation and she escaped with her younger brother. Lily met the two children when she was driving in her car. She brought them to her home. Suresh reported to the Police for arresting Subol, who in the meanwhile had killed Melei to silence her. Lily came to realise the children were Suresh's when she heard news of their disappearence. She informed Suresh that his children were safe with her. Subol came with his men to Lily's house to take back the children. Lily informed the police. In the scuffle, Subol managed to escape. Before fleeing, he stabbed Lily fatally. She was rushed to the hospital but it was too late. Suresh was full of sorrow to see Lily's dead body. He erected a statue of her at the children's home run by him.

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