Inthoklabee (2001)

2h 14m | Drama
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Language: Manipuri
Country of Origin: India (IN)
State / Province: Manipur
Genre: Drama
Adult: No
Type: Feature


Angoubi is an outcast - a woman who has been misunderstood by the society, by her husband and by her only son. She is a helpless victim of circumstances, of social taboo and of suspicion. She and her husband Ibochouba were kicked out by their relatives because their marriage is not permitted by the convention of Meitei society. They have close blood relation and marriage between members of such family kinship is strictly prohibited by the society. Modhu, the contractor, takes advantage of the situation and he makes advances to Angoubi. He comes regularly to meet her. People started gossiping, and it leads to a climax when they force Modhu and Angoubi to 'marry' much against Angoubi's plea of innocence. On hearing of the incident, Ibochouba is shocked and he takes to drinks. In depression, he gets drown in a pond. Ningthem, Angoubi's son, leaves without knowing his destination but Nimai comes to his rescue. Under his care, Ningthem grows up as a formidable youth. He becomes an officer. His mother Angoubi comes to meet him, but Ningthem refuses to accept her as his mother. Angoubi goes away dejected.

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