Chatledo Eidi (2000)

2h 1m ·DramaRomance · Sun Feb 20 2000
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Love between Shandhyarani and Shailesh that begins on chance meeting under a tree on a rainy day, and it ended up with a tearful note, torn apart by circumstances. The blossoming love between them is marred by the poverty of Sheilesh's family, as he is unable to secure a foothold in society since he doesn't have the means. In the final twist to the story, Shadhyarani is married off to another person by her parents. Oblique to fulfill her parents' wishes, Shandhyarani bides a tearful farewell to her lover, who in the meanwhile had left home never to return.
Star: Nityaibi, G Kabita
Writer: Moirangthem Inao (Story and Screenplay)
Director: Makhonmani Mongsaba
Language: Manipuri
Country of Origin: India (IN)
State / Province: Manipur
Genre: Drama, Romance
Adult: No
Type: Feature



The story revolves around two persons-SHEILESH and SHANDYARANI. SHEILESH being a man, who lost the comforts and the compassion of his father at a very young age, has been brought up by his mother selling vegetables in the market. He struggled hard to face the facts of life, along with his younger sister. After graduation, he appears for several interviews and boards in the hope of getting a job. But the present system of corruption failed to recognize the honest and hard working potential in him. He is completely disillusioned with his only hope and solace in his life being the company and love of his mother and younger sister. One rainy day, SHEILESH and SHANDHYARANI ran into each other through a mutual friend – RADHARANI- and a strange and winding affair began. SHANDHYARANI too is facing similar problems as SHEILESH. After her father's death, SHANDHYARANI was forced to support the allowances of her elder brother RAJEN who was studying Engineering. She sold her jewelry and gave private tuition to the local children. She gave up college and instead engaged in weaving. The pace of the story now takes a different course. RAJEN after completing his course returns home. He marries BIMOLA and settles down peacefully. After a few days they proposed to have a separate place of their own and became less if not never to help & care for SHANDHYARANI and his old mother. They lead a life of luxury and pleasure. SHEILESH'S attempt to get a job proves futile. There was no hope of getting a government employment as he had reached the age bar – cut-off age limit for employment in govt. jobs- and his struggle for life becomes more intense. He started a poultry farm with the help of SHANDHYARANI. As always the usual in life there were ups and downs in the business too. Meanwhile SHANDHYARANI'S mother is seriously ill. Her only hope is to get her daughter married before her death. She desires that her grand son must be better than her son RAJEN. SHEILESH is a middle class, unemployed and helpless person. He feels the monotony of life. He condemned his fate and society. Bidding adieu to everything in life, he suddenly disappears, with the hope that SHANDHYARANI should marry someone better than him. Days passed. No one saw SHEILESH meeting with SHANDHYA any more. Only silent tears rolled down SHANDHYA'S cheek. She agreed to marry someone to fulfil her mother's desire. But she went on with life with heavy heart. SHEILESH WISH HER A HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS LIFE. He believes - LOVE IS SACRIFICE, SACRIFICE IS THE GOAL OF LOVE.


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