Raj Nongthombam

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Raj Nongthombam is a distinguished journalist and editor from Manipur, India, known for his impactful contributions to the media industry. His career has been marked by insightful discussions on societal issues and engaging interviews, such as his “Tribe Speaking” series during his tenure at Impact News.

Currently, Raj serves as an editor at SK TV, where he continues to influence the media landscape with his expertise.

Raj is known for his insightful discussions on various topics that affect society, as evidenced by his engaging interview series, such as “Tribe Speaking,” where he delves into the role of journalism in our present society.

His influence extends beyond journalism; he has been a motivational speaker, sharing his experiences and insights to inspire others. This is showcased in his participation in events like K-Talks, where he delivered a motivational speech that resonated with many.

Raj’s presence in the media is not limited to serious discussions and motivational talks. He also connects with the audience through lighter platforms, such as his appearance on reels, showcasing a more personal and relatable side.

In addition to his journalistic endeavors, Raj has been associated with the entertainment industry, promoting significant cultural events. For instance, he was involved in the promotion of the Meitei language film “Enakta Leiringei,” which won the Best Feature Film award at the 11th Manipur State Film Awards in 2018.

Raj Nongthombam’s dedication to his profession and his ability to engage with a wide range of topics make him a respected and influential personality in Manipur’s media and cultural spheres.

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