Bobby Haobam

Director , Imphal

Bobby Haobam was born on April 15, 1973 in Imphal West, Manipur, India. The eldest son of an engineer. He studied Architecture but eventually dropping out and did graduate in Political Science, later learning Multimedia and Animation. He landed his first film job as an Graphic Designer and Asst. Film Editor. He has experience of working in local films since 2014. He directed the films Nupi (2017), Tomthin Shija (2017), Speedbreaker (2018) Chingda satpi Engellei (2018), Eise nanggi nattabra (2019) and Rongdaife (2021) His love for cinema, art and the bigger picture with the objective of capturing a wider audience is seen in his work. He has a keen eye for detail regarding professional camera movement, frame composition, and film editing and is willing to put in extra hours of work to ensure a movie gets the attention it deserves.
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Personal Details

Nick Name / Other Name
Born / Birth Date Apr 15, 1973
Age 51 years, 3 months and 10 days
Birth Place Imphal
Street / Home Imphal
Region Imphal Manipur India


Nupi (2017) - Film
Other Crew
Nurabi the Virgin (2020) - TV
chief consultant - Production Department
Lanpham (2013) - Film
Film Editor - Post Production
Mami (2012) - Film
Film Editor - Post Production


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