Binoranjan Oinam


Binoranjan Oinam is a Screenplay Writer, mainly in Manipuri cinema and lyricist in Manipuri Music. He has written many songs in Manipuri film and Manipuri music video. And he has written many screenplays of the films in different genres including award winning films. He has been writing since early...
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Nick Name
Birth Place
Street / Home Imphal
Region Imphal - Manipur - India
Height (cm)


Writer [8]
Ichadi Manini (2019)
Story, Screenplay and Dialogue
Khudi (2021)
Akangba Nachom (2022)
Story, Screenplay, Dialogue
Other Crew [5]
Eikhoi Pabunggi (2016)
Lyrics - Music Department
Hingkhini Echagidamak (2018)
lyrics - Music Department
Nungshibana Loire (2018)
Lyrics, Screenplay, Dialogue - Editorial Department
Yaisa (2019)
Lyrics - Music Department
Chakhumgee Laan (2020)
lyrics - Music Department

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