Manglangi Epaktuda (2022)

2h 42m ·DramaRomance · Wed Jun 22 2022
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Language: Manipuri
Country of Origin: India (IN)
State / Province: Manipur
Genre: Drama, Romance
Adult: No
Type: Feature



Abe was born in a village to a mother who had died at her birth. Her father became a drunkard and called her “Mother Killer” every time he saw her. Thouba was studying medicine, and he was in a relationship with Abe. When she was pregnant, they decided to elope together. Khaba, a local gunda, made an accident during that day they left for elopement, leading to Abe’s death. Thouba was left a drunkard after her death. Thouba’s parents thought he would become normal if he was married. So, he married Bemma. But he tortured her constantly. Thouba later became attracted to Bemma because of her sincerity and simplicity. It was during this time that Thouba learned that Abe is not death. He then brought Abe into his home. Abe became normal with time, but Bemma, on the other hand, fell pregnant and returned to his maternal home. Bemma delivered the child and handed him over to Thouba, and Abe and sadly, Bemma was no more.

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Runtime: 162 min
Aspect Ratio:

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Release Date: Wed Jun 22 2022
Release In: India

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