Nakamh-Riangsuanneic (2019)

2h Action, Drama, Romance Sun Oct 20 2019
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Language: Rongmei
Country of Origin: India (IN)
State / Province: Manipur
Genre: Action, Drama, Romance
Adult: No
Type: Feature


The film tells the story of an orphan called Nikamh who lives in Makuailuangdih village in the western part of Manipur. Riangsuanneic, daughter of a rich man, who is very gorgeous with long hair and skillful in weaving, lives in the same village. Nakamh saves Riansuanneic from the evil hands of Cachari warriors. Nakamh ends up marrying Riangsuanneic. Nakamh is so proud to have the most beautiful lady as his wife. One day, he steals his wife's hair and rolled up it in a basket and lets it flow down Thiamga River. A Cachari warrior finds the basket while taking bath and brings it to the Cachari King. The king is so impressed and he commands his warriors to find the lady with long hair, up the stream and to bring her to be his wife. Nakamh and Riangsuanneic hear the news that King's warriors are hunting for Riangsuanneic so they hide out in the forest. During their hide-out, they get a son named Kachana. While Nakamh goes to the field, his wife has been kidnapped by Cachari warriors and his son has been left by the bank of Ahu (Barak) River. He follows his wife's footsteps, carrying his son. After the death of Kachana on the way, he reaches Cachar. He requests the king to give back his wife, but the king put him to a test. Experiencing defeat, he returns home. He gathers the villagers and they wage war against the Cachar Kingdom. He dies in that war of love.

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Runtime: 120 min
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Release Info

Release Date: Sun Oct 20 2019
Release City: Imphal (IN)
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