Look at the Sky (2019)

30m | Documentary, Short
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The film narrates about a man outcast by his village for not supporting the village candidate in the election. He shows courage and fights for his right.
Star: Ngoale Hepunii
Writer: Ashok Veilou (Story)
Director: Ashok Veilou
Language: Poumai
Country of Origin: India (IN)
State / Province: Manipur
Genre: Documentary, Short
Adult: No
Type: Non Feature


Hai is a 40-year-old villager with a wife and two sons. He lives in remote Purul village in Senapati district. His family is outcast by the villagers for not supporting the popular candidate during the election. Despite all odds, Hai fights for his individual right, the right to vote and elect his representatives. Hai's family undergoes a series of emotional, spiritual and physical tortures from the villagers. Yet, unashamed and ambitious Hai fights for dignity. He defiantly displays inner truth and courage by saying 'no', loudly and proudly, to the villagers. Hai and family at the end face crushing experience of absolute powerlessness when the whole men members of village perform social curse upon the family. The mass whooping is followed by shouts ‘Whoever does not follow the village ways, let them die before the year ends’. The film ends with the grandpa giving blessing to Hai’s sons ‘Cross over many rivers and mountains; Overcome all evils and troubles; May your live for the greater purpose of humanity’.

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