Ngaihak Lambida (2006)

19 min | Drama, Short
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Manileima, a 35-year-old independent woman is the second wife of a contractor. She lives separately with her mother and son. One day her son injures his hand and is hospitalized. In the hospital different people come to their help, but one man, a stranger, helps them the most. This stranger and her nephew, Geet, start sharing a close bond. Slowly Manileima gets attracted to this stranger through Geet's stories and the stranger's affection for her child but they never meet face-to-face. Days pass and finally on the day of her son's discharge; she decides to make a choice for herself.
Star: Huirem Seema, Kangabam Tomba
Writer: M. K. Binodini Devi (Script)
Director: Haobam Paban Kumar
Language: Manipuri
Country of Origin: India (IN)
State / Province: Manipur
Genre: Drama, Short
Adult: No
Type: Non Feature

Also Known As

Along the Way - English

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Runtime: 19 min
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