Hiktharaba Samji: Pizza (2012)


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Mangal (Kaiku) and Pizza (Artina) come from a poor family and fall in love. Pizza's friend Thoi instead hooks her up with a spoiled rich guy Ngamba who unbeknown to them is Mangal's neighbor. After Ngamba rapes Pizza, Mangal gets heartbroken and works hard as a retaliation to become an IAS officer.


Mangal (Kaiku) and Pizza (Artina) came from a poor family and fell in love after their first meeting looking for job. Mangal lives with his mother who barely manage to run the family by selling vegetables and Mangaal pull rikshaw to help the family expenses. They depend on their neighbour uncle who has a generous heart. Nganba (Bonny) is the son of his uncle who pulls the leg of Mangal on every trivial mater. Thoi (Soma) is a close friend of Pizza who came from a rich family and she does not approve Pizza of having an affair with Mangaal considering his unemployment and the condition of his family. Thoi proposed to go for a picnic with all her friends and told Pizza to come along with Mangaal. Mangaal coudn't arranged a bike even after facing humiliation from Nganba when he went to borrow his bike. The picnic went on without Mangaal and Pizza met Nganba for the first time. Nganba a womeniser later wooed Pizza to his house and drugged Pizza and she lost her Chasity. When Pizza called Mangaal while Nganba was accompanying her out of the house but Mangaal was already in the same house. They lost all contacts after that. Nganba was avoiding Pizza after the incident. Mangaal later got selected for IAS and was serving as Imphal East DC when he met Thanil (Bala). Thanil is the younger sister of Pizza who is pursuing for her higher studies and she met Mangaal at Moirang. Thanil never knew about her sister's relation with Maangal and accepted the proposal of Mangaal. Pizza suffered silently looking at the relation of her sister with Mangaal. She came to meet Mangaal again when she realised that Mangaal has other motive for his relationship with her sister Thanil.


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