Laibak (2002)

2h 40m | Drama
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Language: Manipuri
Country of Origin: India (IN)
State / Province: Manipur
Genre: Drama
Adult: No
Type: Feature


Indra's daughter Priya and Ratan loved each other. They planned to get married. But Pungo, who loved Priya, got Ratan killed and their marriage is broken. Priya was now pregnant. Indra suspected Priya, and fearing the resentment of his locality, he got Priya's child delivered at his elder sister Sundari's children home. Sundari looked after the child. After some time, Indra and Priya came to take back the child from Sundari. The child had now grown to a 10 year-old boy, Ranjan. Pungo attempted to rape Priya. Ranjan, on seeing his mother's plight, killed Pungo in anger and he ran away from home. Priya was tom by the separation from her son. Ranjan had taken shelter at his uncle's place. The latter arranged for Priya to meet her son. Ranjan was now a youthful man. He came to help his mother. Priya, however, did not like Ranjan's character because he had become a militant. The police came to Priya's house in search of Ranjan. The leader of the police team resembled Ratan and Priya started to suspect. She wondered who he was? Fate is strange. Priya came to know from Sundari that Ranjan is not her real son. Her real son is S.P. Dinesh who had been adopted by Dr.Sarat. Dinesh is in search of Ranjan, and Ranjan comes to know ofDinesh's true identify from his uncle. One late night, Priya met Ranjan who was then contemplating to end his life. ButPriya's sweet words 'My son' stopped Ranjan from ending his life. Dinesh and Ranjan met at Priya's house. She 'the fate' whom Ranjan had been searching for, got a new 'fate' meeting Dinesh.

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Runtime: 160 min
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