Ima Lakhini (2001)

NA | Drama, Family
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Language: Manipuri
Country of Origin: India (IN)
State / Province: Manipur
Genre: Drama, Family
Adult: No
Type: Feature


Destiny had made Kumar grow up under the care of his poor widowed mother, and kept life going as Shanti's private driver. He had none else but his good neighbours, Asha and Thoiba, to give him solace in need. Binoy, a big shot as he was, had an aspiration for a worthy match for his only daughter Shanti and was vexed at her love for Kumar. He had made a pact with a friend of equal standing on giving Shanti to the latter's son. But, to Binoy's rude shock, Kumar eloped with Shanti. Literally shocked, Binoy disown his daughter for life. He took to drinking and spent a completely foreshaken life. Shanti and Kumar had a daughter. They brought her up well, wishing for her bright future. Their brief spell of happiness was however turned into gloom at the outburst of Binoy's growing fury ignited with the drunken impulse. Run over by his car, Kumar was rendered a disabled person helpless to earn for a living. In the midst of such miseries, Shanti was lying in a critical condition in the hospital. She gave birth to a baby boy. Shanti left the child with her disabled husband and went away to live with another man (Rajen). Bearing the burden of the two children, Kumar had no option but to surrender to his fate. With no way out, the children turned to begging and to live with their ill-fated father. One day, Shanti in the company of her second hubby happened to come across her own daughter Monica with her little brother Rajen while begging from the passers-by. All by chance, she felt the begging touch of her own daughter. She was too stunned and dumb founded to claim herself the real mother of the wretched children. Driven with remorse, Shanti was led with the love of her children to return to her forlorn home. But nowhere could she find Kumar again.

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Production Company: Nelson Films


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