Amuba Chandan (2001)

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Language: Manipuri
Country of Origin: India (IN)
State / Province: Manipur
Genre: Drama, Family
Adult: No
Type: Feature



The story revolves around two sisters, Radha and Thaja. Radha is an ambitious artiste, married to her childhood beloved Rajen. An orphan, Rajen is an unemployed engineering graduate. They have a daughter, Baby. The younger sister Thaja is homely by nature and a courageous woman. Rajen seeks employment but his efforts are in vain. He takes up a job as driver to Superintending Engineer, Babu. Babu has a craze for Radha. He uses all his means to woo Radha. She gives in to Babu and she started coming late at nights. Rajen knew the situation but he kept silent. Thaja is worried about her sister. Babu came to Rajen's house and he made advances to Radha. Getting scent of their affair, local Meira Paibees stormed the house and caught them red handed. They are charged with adultery and are forcibly wedded. Rajen, who in the meanwhile had an accident, is recuperating in hospital. Despite Thaja's affectionate care, his condition di not improve. Even at this juncture, Rajen wanted to meet Radha in order to place Baby under her care, since Thaja is an unmarried woman. When Radha did not turn up till his last moment, Rajen asked Thaja to take care of his daughter after his death. Thaja accepted readily, but she wanted to bring up Baby not as her aunty but as her legitimate mother. In order to show her sincerity, she pleads with him for allowing her to apply Amuba Chandon, the symbol of widowhood, after he die.

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