Lei-ee Ama (2000)

3h ·Romance
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Language: Manipuri
Country of Origin: India (IN)
State / Province: Manipur
Genre: Romance
Adult: No
Type: Feature



Sandhyarani, the daughter of advocate Indramani, met Somorendro and she came to know that he had a tribal wife Sophi and a daughter Bembem. Sophi was suffering from a mental problem. She was being kept in a mental hospital. Bembem desired to know the whereabouts of her mother but Somorendro did not tell her the truth. Sandhyarani, hearing about Bembem, felt pity for her and one day she met her. Bembem took Sandhyarani for her mother and she started longing for Sandhyarani. Seeing Bembem craving for her mother, Sandhyarani adopted her. People in her locality started gossiping about her 'secret relationship' with Somorendru. She went to Somorendro to give back his daughter. But when Bembem uttered 'mother', Sandhyarani was compeiled to love and care for her. With Bembem as the catalyst, Sandhyarani and Somorendro developed a feeling of love for one another, but there was a thin line separating them. On Bembem's birthday, Sandhyarani planned to present a precious gift to Somorendro. But fate had other plans. Sophi, who till then was suffering from a mental problem, became normal. Sandhyarani could not give her gift to Somorendro. With tears in her eyes, she bade farewel to Bembem, Somorendro and Sophi. Captain Kapil, who admired Sandhyarani, came and proposed his love for her. Now, what can she say?

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