Poppy (2000)

2h 46m Crime, Thriller Thu Sep 21 2000
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Hawlthong, the notorious drug smuggler operates from Moreh. He sends the contraband goods to Delhi and other metropolitan cities in India. SP Siethang, as also his son Lenboi, who runs an NGO, are fighting the drugs menace. They are a ktarget of Hawlthang and his hoodlums. To them, the SP and his son are thorns in their path, and so Hawlthang determines to wipe them out. SP Siethang is assassinated by the gang. Lenboi is shattered. Feeling depressed at his inability to avenge his father's death, Lenboi finally takes up arms against his enemies.
Star: Thanglenmang Kipgen, Wangol Leima
Writer: Tongpu Kipgen, Lalkhumang Kipgen (Screenplay)
Director: Laimayum Bankabihari Sharma
Language: English
Country of Origin: India (IN)
State / Province: Manipur
Genre: Crime, Thriller
Adult: No
Type: Feature


The story of the Film Poppy originates from the plant known as poppy (opium). That was believed to be a plant bearing beautiful flowers but………. Later on, the plant is discovered to be the source of almost all the harmful narcotic drugs………… Moreh (an International Border between India and Myanmar) is one of the routes used for smuggling narcotic drugs out of Golden Triangles. Hawlthong, the notorious drug smuggler’s hoodlums are stationed at Moreh to rob their counterparts of the drugs/contraband goods coming from the source. The drugs that Hawlthong and gangs intercept at Moreh are sent to outside Manipur through their business partners/concerned VIP’s who are the best carrier of Hawlthong’s drugs to Delhi and other cities in India. Besides, the concerned police in-charge of check posts is at Hawlthong’s pay-rolls. That SP Seithang who is a dedicated Police Officer is made in charge of SP (Superintendent of Police)/NAB CELL to contain drug smuggling. And also his son Lenboi, who is the leader of the NGO SEEDS (Social, Environmental and Educational Development Services) and his members are on the war front to check the infiltration of drugs into the localities and educational institutions and also to rehabilitate the drug addicts. In doing so, SP Seithang and family comes into a serious conflict with the notorious smugglers, Hawlthong King and his hoodlums. The SEEDS believes that drug addiction which is taking toll of many precious lives is no respecter of persons. So members belonging to different communities/disciplines, irrespective of caste or creed are joining the SEEDS, besides, Dr. Leima, a Medical Officer is on deputation to the SEEDS Rehabilitation Centre. While working together, all the members come to understand the values of human beings and also the concept of co-existence, of which, love is placed above religion and different social backgrounds. The MOTTO of the NGO is to motivate and treat the drug addicts in the Rehabilitation Centre as human beings and to develop their will-power to overcome the drug addiction at the early stage. In doing so, a college boy namely, Hminga has given up drug addiction for the love of Sennu, Lenboi’s sister. However, the dreaded diseases of HIV+/AIDS are incurable so far. In this respect, Kumar’s mother comes to know the kind of disease that her son is suffering, yet she is indebted to the NGO SEEDS for the human cares given to her son. Here, what the SEEDS is trying to prove is to prolong the life span of the affected persons, namely, Kumar and others in the Rehabilitation Centre by means of human cares with healthy diet through awareness process. As the awareness campaign gains momentum, the drug dealers/peddlers/ smugglers have lost their markets. So Hawlthong King and members are determined to wipe out SP Seithang and his son Lenboi, the leader of the SEEDS. Hawlthong is so notorious that he does not hesitate to eliminate even his own man, Paobul in-charge of Moreh station. Evil leads to another evil that Hawlthong is arrested by the Police while he is trying to rape and strangle Paobul’s wife, Vahboi. However, Hawlthong King again escapes from the prison. As a result, SP Seithang who is on the way to Molhoi function as the Chief Guest is assassinated. The way the crimes committed by Hawlthong and his assassins become personal. Lenboi’s hope, though a dedicated Social Worker is shattered. In the meantime, on hearing the assassination of SP Seithang, Lenboi’s childhood friend, Jennifer and her family come from Kohima, Nagaland, India to share the grief with Lenboi and sister, Sennu. While with the family, Jennifer feels that her dreams come true as all the unforgettable memories of their childhood love comes back lingering in her heart. Whereas, Lenboi, who is already in love with Dr. Leima treats Jennifer as one of his best childhood friends. Gradually, Jennifer comes to know that Lenboi belongs to Dr. Leima so she is broken hearted. She goes to Church and prays to God for forgiveness of her self-love saying that Lenboi is innocent and that God should bless her love with a happy married life. A misfortune comes again that Sennu is wounded by Michael and party while they are searching for Lenboi. Lenboi feels now that as his life becomes uncertain, he wants Dr. Leima to forget their love. The more the boy pleads for forgiveness, the more the love of Dr. Leima is intensified. At this critical juncture, Dr. Leima’s parents are also deadly against the love affairs of their daughter with Lenboi who belongs to another caste. At the same time, the boy is a Christian and the girl a Hindu and both of them having different social backgrounds. Consequently, the notorious smuggler and his hoodlums are becoming not only a threat to the society but also a personal challenge to Lenboi and family. Now, the tragedy of Lenboi’s family reaches beyond the limit of human tolerance. He also feels worthless now thinking that he is incapable of avenging the death of his father. Since he feels that his family has nowhere to turn to, he takes up arms against his personal enemy. THEMES: 1. With will power, a drug addict can overcome drug addiction at an early stage. 2. An addict affected with HIV+/AIDS, who is sure to die till medical scientist find a remedy, needs human care during a short span of his life. 3. Love is above religion, Caste/Creed & rich or poor. 4. There is a limit of human tolerance beyond which one becomes nothing better than an animal.

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Runtime: 166 min
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Release Date: Thu Sep 21 2000
Release City: (IN)

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