Loktak Lairembee (2016)

1h 12m ·DocumentaryDrama
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Language: Manipuri
Country of Origin: India (IN)
State / Province: Manipur
Genre: Documentary, Drama
Adult: No
Type: Feature

Also Known As

Lady of the Lake - English



Loktak Lake is a unique ecosystem where fishers live in huts built on floating biomass. In 2011 the authorities in the name of protecting the serenity of the lake's ecosystem, burnt down hundreds of the floating huts leaving thousands of fishers homeless. Tomba, one of the victims, lives with a harrowing nightmare of looming displacement since then. He is haunted by seamless fear of further intervention of the authorities that would make him homeless forever. Confined in his makeshift hut, Tomba senses the spirit of evil around, while his wife Thambalsang works hard to make their living. One fine morning Tomba accidentally finds a gun hidden among the biomass. He marvels with the gun as his power of self-protection. He transforms himself to an assertive man who is looking for an appropriate offense. One day an old lady who mysteriously wanders in the lake, knocks at his door in the middle of the night. Fearful Tomba, anticipating the lady as the spirit of all evils, chases her and commits an unintended crime.

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Runtime: 72 min
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Production Company: Oli Pictures


3 Nominations, 3 Wins



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