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Star Kamei, born in Keishamthong in a Kabui family graduated from D.M. college in the year of 1976. Kamei is a prominent figures of Manipur theatre artistes and directors, and being a Kabui tribe who has created a big mark of contribution in the field of theatre and arts. Not only in the field of theatre but in the Manipuri film industry, Kamei has been a major contributor. Kamei's works have been remarkably palpable for its contribution to the development of Manipur's theatre and film industry. According to Kamei, 'theatre cannot be neglected and it symbolizes the cultural identity.' Kamei has shared his valuable knowledge about the relationship amongst theatre film and Zeliangrong tribals, also his journey from being a director to an artist has been phenomenal.
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Personal Details

Nick Name / Other Name
Street / Home Imphal
Region Imphal Manipur India


All Cast
Yaisa (2019) - Feature
Maram Chanu (2018) - Feature
Kapuning (1995) - Feature
Kapuning (1995) - Film
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